Proof of Stake - Masternode - Cryptocurrency

Coin Specs


GOCash Will be a fluid transaction coin with easy to use interface and user friendly implementation into the real-world of shopping. With easy to use sending and receiving features in the mobile wallet, you will always have a handy method of payment. The path towards becoming user’s title #1 transaction coin, we are going to be setting ourselves some lofty goals to earn that name.

Progress is key to our design, so our intuitive interface will be more than just a currency on your phone, it will be a fast pass at check out, a clear record of your spending and help you manage your daily spending habits with a clear ledger to view. GOCash Will be a revolutionary currency for the easiest shopping experience between marketplaces with easily integrated systems to work with in real-world applications.



Block Height Reward
Block <= 100,000 - Premine 3 GCASH (2.7 MN / 0.3 STAKE)
Block 100,001 - 100,300 3.3 GCASH (2.9 MN / 0.33 STAKE)
Block 100,301 - 600,000 2.5 GCASH (2.25 MN / 0.24 STAKE)
Block 600,001 - 4,000,000 1 GCASH (0.9 MN / 0.1 STAKE)
Block 4,000,001 - 0

Coin Specs

Coin Name Go Cash
Ticker GCASH
Algorithm Quark + POS + Masternode
Block Time 60 Seconds
Masternode Collateral 10 000
Max Supply 5 000 000
Difficulty Retargeting Every Block
Port Collateral 9911
RPCPort Collateral 9911
Premine 200 000
Block Confirmations 30





Project Roadmap


Premine Allocation


Below is a graph explaining how our Premine is being used, any unused Presale funds will be distributed mainly via airdrops with the remainder put into more marketing/development